Robin Hayward

Tuba player, composer, researcher




Robin Hayward: microtonal F tuba
Peder Simonsen: microtonal C tuba
Martin Taxt: microtonal C tuba

Microtub is the world's first microtonal tuba ensemble. The trio was formed in 2010, a year after Robin Hayward developed the first fully microtonal tuba in collaboration with the German instrument manufacturer B&S.

Microtub have released five albums: Microtub (2011), Star System (2014), Bite of the Orange (2017), Chronic Shift (2019) and Sonic Drift (2021). They have presented their music at such festivals as Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, Ultima Festival in Oslo, Festival Densites in France, Kongsberg Jazz in Norway and FIMAV in Canada. Since 2012 they have been exploring the possibilities that lie in the microtonal tuning system known as Just intonation, using the Hayward Tuning Vine interface as a tool for composing, rehearsing and sometimes also performing the music.

'The wayward 'Star System' by tuba trio Microtub sounds like the doors of the underworld slamming.' - The Arts Desk

'...the trio's music exudes a powerful visceral quality. Bite of the Orange sounds both strangely familiar and strikingly alien, clearly circumscribed yet filled with infinite possibilities. It is often said that all music has already been written. As microtub's intriguing sonic research proves, whomever made this claim may just not have been digging deep enough.' - Those who Make Waves

'Microtub paints a world in extreme delay. The virtuosity of the trio lies in the careful precision with which each of the three chooses their tones. You can sink into it as if in a pleasant and fragrant bath.' - Gonzo Circus, from review of Sonic Drift

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