Robin Hayward

Tuba player, composer, researcher




Using purely acoustic means, Subroutine create an ethereal subterranean world often reminiscent of electroacoustic music. Surprisingly similar sounds are yielded from the two bass instruments, and it is often difficult to locate which sound is coming from which sound source. Since 2021 the inclusion of microtonal vibraphone further deepens the connections between the instruments.

Morten J. Olsen - rotating bass drum, microtonal vibraphone
Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba

'Subroutine... generate a complex web of sounds that may remind the listener of drone music made with a bunch of low filters from analogue synthesizers. Sometimes the bang on the drum reminds us this is in fact something else, which is quite nice. This is music that sucks you into it, the sort of acoustic noise that I like. It sounds very electronic, and yet it isn't. Very dense and very intense and (thus?) a great release.'
- Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, December 2014, from review of cassette Subroutine - Dual Processing

'"Data Dump", Side B, is a set of longish sequences, each more or less consisting of a given attack, pitch, etc. sustained (with fluctuations) for a period of time, then moving on to the next, very steady and progressive, paying great attention to timbre and the interaction of the stretched sound. The tuba ranges from smooth to granular, the drum from subsonic quavers to sandpapery scratching, but always in broad, coherent strokes. Late in the piece, there's a drop to near-silence, unexpected and space-expanding, really nice. The title piece on Side A (my initial download was in reverse order and I grew comfortable listening in this sequence! :-) )is roughly similar, though a bit more smoothly flowing in terms of textural choices, tending more toward the groan underlaid with a more percolating rumble. The music begins to fragment earlier this time, about halfway through and again the effect is subtly moving and impressive, the brief pauses implying volume and meaning. When the flow commences it's more burbling, containing numerous small surges and retreats. Thoughtful, concentrated work, creating solid worlds with (not really) minimal means.'
- Brian Olewnick, Just outside, December 2014, from review of cassette Subroutine - Dual Processing