Robin Hayward

Tuba player, composer, researcher

The Hayward Tuning Vine

The Hayward Tuning Vine is an interface for exploring the system of microtonal tuning known as Just Intonation. It enables direct and intuitive interaction with the pitches normally hidden between the keys of the piano keyboard.

Software version

The software version was released in 2014. For further details please visit, YouTube, Facebook, X, Instagram.


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Background and physical prototype

For background information please visit Poster for NIME 2015 and The Hayward Tuning Vine: an Interface for Just Intonation, published in the proceedings of NIME 2015. The Hayward Tuning Vine is a legally protected invention.

Upcoming events
22.07.2024, Salzburg
07.07.2024, Paretz
20.06.2024, Potsdam