Robin Hayward

Tuba player, composer, researcher

Articles and interviews

Digital in Berlin interview, July 2021

Interview on Sphere Radio
at Seanaps Festival, Leipzig, October 2020

The Practice of Musical Improvisation
Contribution as one of the interviewees

Infinite Harmonic Space
Interview with Tobias Fischer (published February 2018)

Embodied Harmony - Robin Haywards mikrotonale Tuba
Article by Matthias R. Entreß published in Positionen in
February 2017 (German language)

Portrait Robin Hayward - DLR 24.5.16
Radio feature by Matthias R. Entreß broadcast on
Deutschlandradio Kultur in May 2016 (German language)

Tuning Vine poster
Poster for presentation on tuning vine at NIME 2015

The Hayward Tuning Vine: an Interface for Just Intonation
Paper published in proceedings of NIME 2015

The Microtonal Tuba: Capabilities and Opportunities
A player-oriented introduction to the microtonal tuba
published in the ITEA Journal Winter 2013

Pitches Treated as Noise
Interview with Arie Altena published in Travelling Time in February 2012

The Microtonal Tuba
Extensive article on the recently developed fully microtonal tuba
tracing its history back to the original tuba patent of 1835, published in the
Galpin Society Journal in March 2011.
Winner of the 2012 ITEA Clifford Bevan Award for Excellence in Research.

What's in a name? The problematic Reductionist label
Article in the book echtzeitmusik published in 2011 by the Wolke Verlag

Towards an expanded Definition of Consonance:
Tuneable Intervals on Horn, Tuba and Trombone

by Marc Sabat and Robin Hayward (Summer 2006)

Redefining an Instrument
Interview with Chiyoko Szlavnics, musicworks #89, Summer 2004

Upcoming events
22.07.2024, Salzburg
07.07.2024, Paretz
20.06.2024, Potsdam

Acoustic camera photoshot of microtonal tuba
(courtesy of gfai tech)