Robin Hayward

Tuba player, composer, researcher

Solo (interpreter)

'Robin Hayward, an extraordinary tuba player, offered a riveting account of Luigi Nono's Post-prae-ludium per Donau'
- The New York Times (from review of Metropolis Counterpoint Berlin concert, Carnegie Hall, November 2007)

Peter AblingerTuba und Rauschen (2001)*
Thomas GerwinFarb_Laut H (2008)*
Alvin LucierCoda Variations (2005)*
Luigi NonoPost-prae-ludium per Donau (1987)
Larry PolanskyFour Voice Canon #23b (2008)*
Eliane RadigueOccam XI (2012)*
Christian WolffOUT-TAKE (2005)*

* = written for Robin Hayward

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