Robin Hayward

Tuba player, composer, researcher


Title/Year Instrumentation
Hollow Music (2023) Two clarinets and bass clarinet
Green Grass Burning Wood (2022) Bass trombone, microtonal tuba, tuning vine
From Words of Paradise (2021) Webaudio project with Zinc & Copper
Gruntled (2021) Microtonal tuba
Meantone Canon (2021) Trombone, bass trombone, microtonal tuba
Meantone Fourth (2021) Cello, trombone, microtonal tuba
Meantone Fifth (2021) Cello, trombone, microtonal tuba
Meantone Octave (2021) Horn or cello, trombone, microtonal tuba
Thin Peaks (2020) Microtonal F tuba and two microtonal C tubas
Andersabo (2020) Microtonal F tuba and two microtonal C tubas
Another Square Dance (2020) Open instrumentation
Elegy to a failed instrument (2019) Sound installation for eight speakers plus subwoofer
Oscillate (2019) Microtonal F tuba and stereo speaker system
Echo Cutouts (2018 /19) Microtonal F tuba
Sonic Drift (2018) Microtonal F tuba and two microtonal C tubas
Alpha Centauri (2017) Horn, trombone, microtonal tuba
Mother Tones (2017) Microtonal F tuba and stereo speaker system
Summation Tone Blues (2016) Pedal steel guitar, clarinet, trombone, microtonal tuba, double bass
Violet Man (2016) Microtonal F tuba and two microtonal C tubas
Bite of the Orange (2016) Microtonal F tuba and two microtonal C tubas
The Obvious Foundation (2015) Alto flute, microtonal tuba, double bass, tuning vine
Words of Paradise (2015) Horn, trombone, microtonal tuba, tuning vine
Vaguer Parts (2014) in collaboration with Christopher Williams Double bass, microtonal tuba, tuning vine
Dual Processing (2013) in collaboration with Morten J. Olsen Two acoustic instuments
Square Dance (2013) Three microtonal tubas
Star System (2013) Three microtonal tubas
Stop Time (2013) Baritone saxophone, microtonal tuba, cello, surround-sound system
Rubble Master (2012/2013) Microtonal tuba
Music for an Absent Film (2012) Microtonal tuba
Stained Glass Music (2011) 13 amateur or professional wind players
Tetrahedron (2011) Microtonal F tuba plus 7-channel sound system
Plateau Square (2011) Microtonal F tuba plus surround-sound system
Travel Stain (2011) Guitar, microtonal F tuba
Borromean Rings (2011) Double bass, microtonal F tuba
Impulse Response (2010) Two or more improvising musicians
Nouveau Saxhorn Nouveau Basse (2010) Microtonal F tuba plus 7-channel sound system
Clarinet Slowdown (2010) Two clarinets
Comma Machine (2010) Two violins
Austerity Measures (2010) Two accordions
Resonance Machine (2010) Two F tubas
Underground Music (2009) 6-valved F tuba plus 6-channel sound system
Trombone Signature (2009) Trombone
Treader (2009) Compensating-system tuba
Trailer (2009) Compensating-system tuba
Recoil (2009) Compensating-system tuba
Handwork (2009) Microtonal horn
Grave Mountain Diagram (2008) Horn, trombone, tuba
Music from the Babel Tower (2008) Horn, trombone, tuba
Release (2002/2008) Compensating-system tuba
Harc (2001/2008) Compensating-system tuba
Crossbow (2007) Violin
Redial (2006-07) Compensating-system tuba
Duplex Three (2006) Horn, trombone, F tuba
Piano Haiku Variations (2006) Piano
Homage (2005/2009) Bass trombone and F tuba
Paling Piece (2004) Wind trio (flute, oboe, clarinet)
Reflections on Oxen Pond (2004) Three trumpets, three horns
Valve Division (2003/2006) Tuba, speaker-mute, subwoofer, ring modulation
Negotiated Settlement (2002/2009) Violin, viola
Dial (2002) Compensating-system tuba
Tone (2002) Tuba
Coil (1998/2001) Compensating-system tuba
Piano Haiku (2001) Piano
Crank Start (2000/2001) Violin
Time Rolls (1998/2001) Six instruments
Xlebnikov Tracings (1999) Male and female voice, low and high glissando instrument
Three Short Immobiles (1999) trumpet/horn, trombone, tuba
Study in White (1998) Two piston-valved brass instruments
Vier Tuben Rauschen (1998) Four compensating-system tubas
Sink (1996) Tuba with water-mute
Demonstration Model (1996) Trumpet, trombone, tuba
Quintet (1996) Flute, oboe, violin, guitar, tuba
Quartet (1996) Flute, oboe, violin, guitar
Three Movements (1996) Flute, guitar, tuba
Cello Trio (circa 1994) Three cellos
Jazz tunes (1993 - 1995) Any melody instrument(s)
Upcoming events
22.07.2024, Salzburg
07.07.2024, Paretz
20.06.2024, Potsdam